All readings are 60 minutes. Prices include not only the hour we meet, but at least two hours of time spent preparing and studying your unique birth chart. A recording of the reading and all charts used will be included and emailed to you. 

  • Readings can be focused on specific areas of your life that you're interested in exploring.

  • Your birthday, exact time of birth and place of birth are needed.

Birth Chart Reading:

An in-depth look at your birth chart – your unique map of potentials, which reveals important themes, strengths and weaknesses and where your power and purpose lies. Transits & progressions will be explored in this reading. Sliding scale $75 – $100

Solar Return (Birthday) Reading:

The solar return chart gives insight into the coming year and shows what energies will be available, what areas of life will be highlighted and what personal dynamics from the natal chart may be activated. The Birthday is a very special time for each individual as it creates a new map of potential for the year. The natal chart, transits and progressions will also be explored in this reading. Sliding scale $75 – $100

Relationship (Synastry) Reading:

In this reading we will explore two birth charts in relation to each other. Find out more about your relationship’s compatibility. Gaining a deeper understanding of your partner and your own unique challenges of relating may help you improve your relationship.  Sliding scale $120 – $150

Radical Access Offering:

My path in life is to participate in dismantling oppressive systems. If you are POC, Queer or ANY human in need who is unable to access my offerings then I would love to have a conversation about a possible alternative energy exchange.