Meghan, 29 - portland, OR

I recently had my astrological charts interpreted for the first time by Aphyna Zoe and cannot emphasize enough what a positive experience it was for me. I used to be somewhat skeptical about the validity of astrology, which is why I was blown away when Aphyna, whom I had only recently met, detailed my life and personality with such astounding accuracy. My time with Aphyna was both personalized and interactive; she encouraged me to ask questions and answered them in a way that demonstrated her proficiency in this field. Aphyna radiates warmth, wisdom, and professionalism and it was truly a gift to have this experience with her. She even recorded our session and sent me this, as well as copies of my charts, for my personal reference. I have already recommended Aphyna to several of my friends and would gladly see her again in the future.

Lauren, 27 - australia

I was so grateful to receive a reading from Aphyna as a birthday gift this year. To receive a complete and personalised reading with Aphyna has really astounded me as to the depth & insight that this art form truly offers. As a counsellor, I am familiar with various therapeutic techniques which open a space to explore parts of self & space for reflection; & I was inspired to experience this kind of intimate space through my reading.  It’s felt like my blind-spots had had light shone on them, weights that I’d been subconsciously carrying could be acknowledged & relieved. After the reading, I am finding that I have a greater trust in my path; a new way to make-meaning and make sense of the world around me; & an ability to step back from the smaller road-blocks and see them as necessary parts of my journey of growth. I really trust in Aphyna as being a clear, intuitive & intelligent astrologer, with great compassion, wisdom & depth. Thank you Aphyna! The reading is still continuing to provide guidance & insight!

Nicole, 45 - portland, OR

Aphyna is a delight to receive an astrology reading from.
I was very surprised by all the aspects she chose to highlight in my chart.
Her reading felt genuinely connected to my life and what I have to look forward to.
She has a thorough understanding of the multiple aspects and transitions on a chart and helped me understand it too.
I highly recommend her if you want a new way to see whats been going on and what is to come in your life!

Anna, 26 - portland, OR

Aphyna Zoe is insightful, warm, and articulate. She possesses a deep knowledge of astrology and also possesses the teaching skills necessary to explain how astrological changes affect you! She assisted me in deepening my self-awareness and self-acceptance and in making some big life decisions when I was at a confusing crossroad.

Amelia, 24 - mcminnville, OR

I received a birth chart reading and a solar return reading from Aphyna. I was a believer in astrology before I received these readings, but I am still amazed at how everything that Aphyna said would happen unfolded in the months after my session. Not only did she advise me on what was to happen in the year to come, but also the best ways to cope with these changes. Her advice about how to best adapt was so useful and I'm so glad to have had my reading when I did! While giving me my readings, she very clearly explained how certain transits would affect me and what planets were important players in my chart. Thank you so much for your guidance and encouragement. Looking forward to the next time I can receive a reading!

Frejya, 35 - holland

I recently had a progressions reading from Aphyna as I guess I was feeling a little stagnant in life & wondering how I may experience change or where I may work to expand & reinvigorate my life. What was great was that I received from Aphyna more clarity as to why it was appropriate for life to be looking/feeling the way it was right now, but also she offered ways in which I may draw on other energies/aspects of life which were moving into/out of my chart. It has definitely been a breath of fresh air for me to have these broader perspectives & really has encouraged me to be a bit more creative in the way I can work with the natural rhythms of life.