Aphyna is a magick-loving, soul-searching, wild-moon-dancer who grew up in Oregon. She has always been drawn to the mysteries of life: nature, dreams, psychology, metaphysics, & spirituality.  Ignoring her deeper callings while she struggled through an uninspiring science degree at Oregon State University, she was left feeling spiritually and creatively bankrupt. Needing more from life she left her old world behind to join the Peace Corps where she was sent to live in the Middle Eastern country of Jordan for two years. 

Secretly in her little home in the village where she resided she taught herself how to read Tarot. This is where she was first exposed to the deeper nature of divination arts and the incredible gifts that their mysteries hold. When she discovered the deep power of Astrology, underneath mainstream pop astrology, she derailed all her plans so that she could pursue this fascinating and empowering intuitive art.

Aphyna has been studying astrology for nearly 5 years under several gifted astrologers such as Andrea Gehrz, Rhea Wolf & Dawn Bodrogi. She recently completed a one year program at the Portland School of Astrology, and is currently studying Jungian archetypal psychology to incorporate her passion for dream working into her readings. 

Beyond astrology, she also finds inspiration in nature, creative arts, contemporary and improvisational dance, and loves working with the aerial silks.

Her deepest intention for her life’s work is to participate in the healing of the Earth, re-enchanting the world, and dismantling oppressive systems.



"My path is one of transformation

To be reborn again and again,

to empower my inner feminine nature

and to hone my inner masculine

To be the Serpent, Wolf, & Raven

to reclaim ancestral wisdom

to honor the diverse and to deeply question

the story of the patriarchal kingdom"